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If your digital and print marketing materials look like they belong to several different companies, it might be time to settle on just one. 

what’s included?

You’re so much more than 
meets the eye, 

your brand be too? 

You’re so much more than meets the eye, 

your brand be too? 

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Stop chasing a pack of freelancers, spending a lot of your time AND MONEY, and still not getting you the results you need. 

With our Custom Branding 
Package you will…

Focus on what you do best, and let your investment in branding produce the results your business needs.

Gain a power-packed toolkit of unique branding assets that visually communicate what you want your brand to say.

Stop looking unprofessional, and add value and credibility to your product or service. 

there’s a 
like us

What’s included

branding package?

a la carte

Email Templates
Branded icons
Postcard design
Social Media Cover Photo

brand style guide

A detailed, 20+ page guide meant to educate you on how to use your new branding consistently. 


Includes the following: Social media templates, business card design, Stationery

creative direction

An in-depth look at your business goals, audience, competition and how we can use design to accomplish these goals.

choose what you want in your pack

brand identity

Includes 1 primary logo, 2-3 secondary logos, type selection, patterns & textures, and a color palette, handpicked brand photos. 

94% of first impressions 
are related to design.

                                                               in the

Branding Package?

                           in the

this branding package 
is                   for you if…

memorable client experience

If you want to create more brand awareness and a memorable client experience so your best customers keep coming back. 

need a logo

Leave the DIY logo shame behind. This is for you if you’re starting a business and need someone to bring your brand vision to life. 


If your digital and print marketing materials look like they belong to several different companies, it might be time to settle on just one.

NEED a brand refresh

If client’s are questioning your credibility and experience it might be time to update your current look. 

Branding is                     for you if…



custom branding

why is design so expensive?

Brand Design can be expensive and you might be wondering how I come up with my pricing. While there are so many factors involved, I’ll try to outline some of the main ones for you.

  • Design takes time. Like, a lot of time. For each concept that I present, there are hours of experimenting and testing that happens behind the scenes. So with my pricing, I have to account for all the hard work and time that I put into each project.

  • After 6 years of doing this, I have a good awareness of how my experience and skill matches up within the industry. I do very high level, upscale work and try to price myself very fairly while still asking for what I know that I deserve.

  • Design makes a big impact on your business – from building stronger connections with your audience to conveying the quality of what you do. Working with a designer is an investment in your business, so that value is reflected in my pricing.

  • Unlike many designers, I implement digital marketing strategy into my process so that your business is aligned from your online presence to your online store. Graphic designers are good at making beautiful things. I know, I used to be one. They are pretty makers. They’ll design a nice looking logo, print it on exquisite paper stock - even use a foil stamp. But what they do won’t fundamentally move the needle, or help you get one new client.

What’s included in your custom branding package?

What’s included
in your custom
branding package?

The branding package includes: Creative direction & strategy, logo exploration, color palette, typography, social media templates & brand pattern. 

Custom branded templates for Canva is an add on, click here to learn more about Canva Template Installation

How does the process work? 

Step 1: Complete the form below.
Step 2: We’ll email you a detailed proposal of our process.
Step 3: Once proposal is approved, next you’ll sign our design contract
        & pay the deposit to book the next available date. 

Step 4: Then the fun starts!

I just need a logo, can you do that? 

Sorry, but when it comes to building a brand, just a logo isn’t enough. We want what’s best for our clients & that requires a full brand build. 

How much does the brand design package cost? 

How much does
The brand design
package cost? 

Our packages are custom made for each client. Contact us to view our package & pricing guide.

Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that one of a kind brand design is a big commitment, so we created custom payment plans in each of our packages. A 25% deposit is required prior to book your service. 

How long does a project take to complete? 

Our branding packages take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Adding a la carte items to your package may make the process longer. 

Can we hop on a call to chat about my project?

Sure! We do require you to fill out the form on the Contact page. That way you can view the proposal prior to scheduling. 

What do you need from me to begin the project?

Goals for your project, company insight. 

How long in advance should I book my project? 

Things can get pretty busy, so we ask that you book at least one month In advance so we can secure your spot In our schedule. If you need your content as soon as possible, send us an email anyway and we will see what we can do to help.  

Can I just pick your brain? 

I would love to give you any insight but unfortunately my time is limited. I offer consulting services to help you gain brand insight & marketing clarity. Complete the form on the consulting service page to book your time. 

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